PPC Guide: 5 Essential Tips to Help Your B2B & B2C PPC Campaign

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With the continuous change in PPC landscape, Google introduces new features and advertisers become even more proned in tracking the customer information. They are more proned at processing the providing the exact data through their ads.

Hence, some of the basic key features are discussed that will surely help in having an increasing amount of impact on our well-maintained PPC activities in the year ahead:

1. Cross-Device Tracking: Having traffic from different devices is surely very common nowadays. Convincing clients from mobile traffic is surely of great struggle nowadays. Well, based on our clients, it is noticed that on an average conversion rate is slightly highly Keyword Selection for PPC Trendsin desktops and tablets than that in mobile and cellular devices. It is noticed that on an average conversion rate of 3.8% across desktops and tablets while only 1.7% comes from mobile phones only. Therefore, this kind of tracking is only available for users that have signed to their google account across each device.

2. Google Shopping: With the introduction of Product Listing Ads in 2011, it has got a good impact on many of our e-commerce clients thus drawing a significant percentage of their sales and revenues from those ads. Even with the introduction of free listings that have been passed out, it has really made shopping traffic even more potential. Although this is good news for the agencies, yet the website owners are infact having a bad time as they are losing out on a source of having free clicks. Previously, some advertisers may not have given importance on the quality of their feeds as they were all free but now that they are paid, it will surely compel people to take a better care of what they are showing, how often these listings are refreshed and other quality factors. Therefore, there is a better chance of having better quality listings. This has been mainly highlighted by a leading pay per click company.

3. Having enhanced campaigns: Although it is easy, yet these questions has haunted in every ppc advertisers mind that why Google keeps on trying to promote ads through mobile. This is because although mobile CPC’s are increasing, yet it is still relevantly lower than desktop clicks.

Therefore, the latest development is that Google is trying to merge desktops and mobile devices while it launched enhanced pay-per-click-campaign-multiple-groupscampaigns, mainly to reduce the need of duplicated campaigns.

4. Get more user-focused marketing: Although this is considered to be a vague concept, yet it is always believed that focusing on the marketing trends is always better rather than just focusing on the keywords, devices, texts and placements. It is always better to target audience based on trends and patterns in the browsing history. Of course, this would help in determining the particular trend of audiences which are likely to convert from your ads.

5. Tracking the right set of Conversions: Tracking can be mainly judged through micro and macro conversions. This mainly takes the form of secondary goals such as emailing list, creating an account or adding them to the wish-list. Certainly, this kind of conversion is considered to be weaker than online sales but it certainly gives some real value to your traffic. This form of micro-conversions might take in the form of engagement metrics, like a visitor might view a dozen of pay-per-click-campaignpages at your site and stayed over for more than 15 minutes at each page, thus making the bounce rate at 0%. This is certainly considered to be more important than the visitor who has just visited your site and stayed there for just few seconds. Off course, this kind of tracking can be done from Google Analytics and the resulting conversions can be imported into Adwords, thus using as target for better optimization. However, this analytics surely ensures a co-relation with sales value. For example: If someone is on your site for more than 10 minutes, this means that they have got the related site and also they are engaged at your site.

Therefore, following these latest PPC trends would surely help you a lot and would also guide you to maintain a proper adwords campaign.

Sarmista Aun works in a pay per click company. She provides effective guidelines on PPC campaign management and also reveals useful tricks to experience higher return on investment