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Inbound Marketing: Majestic SEO – Knitting web data together

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Majestic SEO, the largest database for link intelligence on the internet figures out the mechanisms on how websites all over the internet are interlinked or connected with each other. This top notch SEO Company provides detailed information on the site index and their majestic-seo-majestic-seo-majestic-seo-majestic-seorelationships with the rest of the pages of the internet. Thus, they provide services that connect or knit web data together.

SEO Tools

Majestic SEO has 4 basic tools that they provide their customers, namely,

1) Site Explorer,

2) Backlink History Checker,

3) Link Map Reports, and

4) Link Intelligence API.

First, their “Site Explorer” allow their customers to access data on any domains and URLs on the internet. On the other hand, the Majestic-SEO-toolcompany’s second tool, the “Backlink History Checker” gives the opportunity to see how many backlinks the company’s web robots detect for the specified domain or addresses. The “Link Map Reports”, the third SEO tool is used to create both standard and advanced reports on the users’ domains. The fourth and final tool, which is the “Link Intelligence API”, is the one responsible for bridging the raw data generated by Majestic SEO to the customer’s own applications. With all of these tools, this SEO Company promises utmost success to their customers.

Plans and Rates

There are four different plans that Majestic SEO offers to its customers depending on their budget and needs. First is the free plan that is designed for individuals that merely wants to get data on the URLs and domains that they own for personal analysis. Second is the Majestic-SEO-Site-Explorersilver plan, Majestic SEO’s introductory plan intended for manageable projects. Third is the gold plan that targets SEO professionals and online marketing agencies that have no use for the API tool. The fourth and the fully packed plan is the platinum package that covers all of the functions of the first three plans but with the additional API access tool and allowances feature.

However, because Majestic SEO takes into account the bigger demand and needs of large enterprises, they are also offering plans that are more powered and specially designed for heavy work. The company offers Majestic Platinum, Majestic 500 and Majestic 1000 that is suited for huge enterprises and massive data processing.

Get access to the largest internet map used by thousands of SEO professionals, businesses, website owners and marketing agencies. Start with a free account registration at Majestic SEO and upgrade thereafter according to your business needs.

Bogdan Shumei is a digital strategist, and consultant with expertise in SEO, social media, and real-time marketing.