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While the fundamentals of SEO remain same, the perspective and the value of adoption has changed in last couple of years. Google’s everlasting fight to provide users an access to quality and useful content has entirely changed the way webmaster used it. In fact, the algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin just provide too lethal to some of the business that they decided wind up their online business and ventured into new business. However, many of them failed to gulp the fundamentals or have been cheated by the snake oil selling SEO companies. While the basic fundamentals remain same, the focus is shifting toward the content marketing and SEO Success 2013optimization. Google has directly mentioned that the user engagement is the factor they consider as a ranking signal. The importance of social presence has also changed the equation in the favor of famous business. Perhaps, this is the reason why SEO has started stressing out on building a BRAND instead of online presence.

What exactly is required to succeed in 2013?

As mentioned earlier, you should look to create a BRAND. Building a brand should be the utmost priority for any serious businessman. Following are some of the factors that attributes to better visibility in search engine

1)      User Experience:

While there is no denying that content should be the first priority for any serious marketer, there has to be a way to represent the SEO User Experiencecontent to the user. It not only increases the engagement but also helps them in interacting with the website. Infographics, video, images, and fonts are some of the way to increase the user experience. Provide users the content they crave for and represent in a good wrapper so they can never turn away from it. Enticing content that has every possible detail is also required but sometime it is not always about the details

2)      Content:

User experience and content can’t be separated but still we try to cover them under a different heading. The value of content marketing and content representation has increased a lot. You can see some excellent examples ( of how content should be presented in the good form. Moreover, the content has taken a whole new angle. Content is just not always about the text, but now it is text, images, slideshow, video, infographics, videographics and more.

3)      Avoid Manipulating Anchor Texts:

Gone are the days of 2007-09 where you can easily manipulate Google by linking back using the primary keyword. Google is smarter than ever. It now considers natural way of internal linking and anchor text. Generic anchor text, branded anchor text, secondary braoder-anchor-textanchor text has replaced the old tactics. Even, naked URLs are getting popular as they look natural. Always try to look natural while building a backlink. Google Penguin is there to take care of the people who try to manipulate ranking through unnatural anchor text. In case, if you are unaware of how you can check anchor text ratio, then there are some professional tools like LRT and other available in the market. Even, and can help you to analyze your backlink portfolio. However, they should be used in the combination to get the better idea.

4)      Website structure:

At, we’ve been trying to explain the business owner the importance of having proper website structure. In case, if you do Website structurenot have better website structure, then it can lead to duplicate content issue, website speed issue and lot more. Even, Google has been stressing to provide a better way to understand the website. Having a bad website structure can negatively affect your website. This is how we managed to survive one of the leading Coupons site of India.

5)      Thin content:

Ecommerce and coupons sites have been suffering from the thin content issue. If you haven’t heard of thin content before, then has written an excellent article on this (this link). Although, there are some instances where you can’t avoid such situation, a human intervention can reduce thin content issue. Get your site audited to see whether it is suffering from the thin content or not.  Avoid this and Panda will never bother you. Hire a better development firm which has an excellent track record of SEO. ECommerce websites are suffering from thin content due to poor website structure issue.

For example, how will you differentiate RED and WHITE shirt of same BRAND with size M, L, XL, XLL etc. Should you index them at first place?

Such kind of granular level details are required to be discussed before you approach your website development firm or SEO expert.

The guest post is written by Ricky Shah. He is an SEO consultant at Follow him on Google+ to know more about him.