Mobile is the Buzzword
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Online marketing is all about using different web-based tools to reach out to a target audience and convey to them powerful messages about a brand. Over the last few years, Internet penetration has increased significantly and so has the scope of online marketing which is something extremely diverse now.

Online marketing has evolved in sync with major changes to the rest of the online world.
The emerging trends are therefore, to a considerable extent, a response to online audience preferences and behaviors which have undergone drastic changes over the course of time. New practices have crept in and some redundant ones have faded away.

Below we try to understand some of the new trends in the world of online marketing:

Visuals Sell

We are Visual Content Sell
Looking at how major brands have worked hard to showcase their products as beautifully as possible, it is obvious that a product’s design language is essential to its success. The iPhone and Mac which re-invigorated Apple, to Nokia’s mobile phone comeback with Lumia, to the overall emphasis on exceedingly precise design science in modern product design all go to show that visual appeal is essential to product success. Good visuals certainly aid marketers job while executing online marketing campaigns.

These changes have made their presence felt online; the Apple website, for example mimics the minimalism of the Apple iPad and iPod. This is also the reason behind major brands constantly pushing all manners of visually rich content – ads, HD photos, Pinterest photos, to users.

Further, video advertising has been found to have higher recall of the messaging pushed to a viewer (95%) as opposed to text (10%). Thus video marketing services have become one of the most important investments for businesses online.

Social Media Influences Sales
Unlike social media strategies of yesteryears that prioritized massive Likes and Share increasing campaigns, brands are employing modern social media strategies that emphasize precisely targeting a certain demographic, and then employing tactics to deliver messaging to that specific set of people.

Social Media Influences
This accuracy is based on the need to deliver credible results from social media, i.e. return on investment. This is why successful bloggers are often tapped by brands – their readership is comprised of similar people, and their behavior can be influenced successfully. The sheer amount of data involved in social media engagement has also led to a major focus on analytical tools to interpret data – and identify if it is in sync with an online marketing campaign.

Mobile is the Buzzword
As mobile devices are becoming armed with powerful processors and high-res displays, they are increasingly becoming popular content consumption tools, significantly displacing the previous preference for TV and computer or laptop.
This, in turn, also means marketers are eyeing all manners of mobile engagement – from exclusive apps to providing Wi-Fi for mobile check-ins, to exciting uses of NFC, mobile has become an important aspect of a modern marketer’s online checklist. The rise of “screen-agers” i.e. people who work with several devices – laptops, iPads and smartphones has also led to websites and apps being designed for several devices.

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Think Big Online, a well know internet marketing consultant in Sydney.